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Back To Preschool

Posted by Susan K. Stewart on 24th January and posted in Uncategorized

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I was surprised at the number of back-to-school comments, or not-back-to-school in the case of homeschoolers, I saw on Facebook this morning. It’s mid-August. Why so early?

Not only are school-aged children heading to the school building, but so are many three- and four-year-olds. Some of these little boys and girls are barely potty trained and they are being sent away from the comfort of home. Why so early?


  1. JulieBeth Lamb

    I am so glad you have published a book expounding on the things I am always telling parents. Thank you so much for this important resource for young families.

    One day I was writing to a mom encouraging her not to worry about a “curriculum” for her preschooler. I asked my 16 & 21 year old daughters who happened to be in the room what activities they remembered as being most educational from their preschool days. One said sticks and the other said mud! Those things along with blocks, cars, legos, army men, trees, dolls, and other simple toys taught them to think, imagine, reason, share, create, and contemplate.

    Though we never did any formal preschool education everyone of my five children knew their colors, counting, writing their names, about God’s creation, good grammar, and so much more.

  2. Karen Koch

    This important work will relieve many a worried parent of preschoolers. Citing research that cuts through our society’s hype over early academics, Susan deftly shows that our preschoolers thrive best in the context of loving, secure HOME. Here our little ones learn naturally, in a setting of family, love, play, and growing responsibility. Keep them home with confidence after reading this book.

  3. We really never considered putting our children in Preschool, and many people were aghast at that! Children do so much growing during that time, and we really had our doubts as to what good it would do. I read one study that stated that by early elementary school, the children will be where they would naturally fall academically, with or without preschool! We made sure that one parent was at home with our children – why would we want to put them in preschool? Additionally, when our kids were “tested” before starting kindergarten, the teachers thought that they HAD attended Preschool! We did not sit them down and say, “Now learn this!” We simply talked to them, read to them and spent time with them explaining things as we went about our normal routines. Not much tv and no video games either at that age. Society puts too much pressure on parents to conform to the preschool standard, and I don’t think it’s good for our children!

    • Susan K. Stewart

      Kelli, You’re absolutely correct that parents are pressured to conform. The pressure has come in the form of dubious studies and well-financed media campaigns. My children didn’t attend preschool and none of them are failing adults.

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