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Learning to use his computer

Four year old & his computer

What’s Better Than Preschool?

When parents began asking me what curriculum they should buy for their almost two-year-old, I began to ask why. From parents I learned that even parents who intended to homeschool were considering out-of-home preschool so their little one would get a good foundation for their education. Parents worry they will somehow ruin their child’s future by not having early academics, either out-of-home or in-home.

Here at Better Than Preschool, we’ll explore together the ways and means to teach your little one without the burden of formal academics. We’ll also be cheerleaders for all of you able parents who want to spend the precious early years with your child.

Who Is Susan K. Stewart?

Susan K. Stewart is a teacher, writer, and speaker. Susan and her husband Bob began teaching their children at home in 1981and are considered pioneers in the modern home education movement. All three of their children graduated from their homeschool and have been launched from the nest. The Stewart’s have five grandchildren.

The Stewarts have been active in local support groups and the California state organization for over 25 years. Susan served as Membership Director for Christian Home Educators Association (CHEA) of California for over a dozen years and was editor of The California Parent Educator magazine.

At the bowling alley

Three-year-old at the bowling alley.

Susan is the author of Science in the Kitchen: Fearless Science At Home For All Ages and Preschool, At What Cost?  Susan and Bob co-wrote Y2K in the City. In addition to writing about topics of interest to home educators and women, Susan also writes for families who are dealing with mental illnesses.

Since 1985, Susan has been bringing her realistic, yet encouraging messages to conferences, retreats, and small groups. Her trademark is inspiring practical solutions. She brings her experience and openness to each topic. Inspire your audience with Susan’s practical and encouraging presentations.

Child painting

Art time at home

(Children pictured are Susan and Bob’s grandchildren.)

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